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  • 100% copper conductor inside.
  • Heavy-duty round power adapter cord for welding or EV electric vehicle charging
  • Adapter 5-20P to 6-50R 125V.
  • US standard 3-prong male connector
  • Connect a welding or EV cable with 50 AMP 6-50 plug to a 20A 5-20P
  • 12 AWG copper inner wire, support max 20 Amp overload.
  • Length: Approx 12 inches
  • Note: This product does not convert 110v to 220v or vice versa. Please ensure your welder or vehicle supports the voltage of your power outlet before use.


Product description

  • Household regular 5-20P 125V to 6-50R 250V. 
  • For use when 50 AMP Welding extension cord need to plug into 20 AMP household outlet to get power. 
  • ONLY output 125V 20A.
  • ONLY for some equipment support both 125V and 250V input, please make sure your equipment support wide voltage input.


Connector Gender    Male-to-Female
Voltage    125 Volts
Input Current    20 Amps

About this item
* NEMA 5-20P to 6-50R
* Rated value: 20A/125V/1875W (Do not exceed the rated current and rated power.)
* 12" length adapter, 12/3 STW,made from high end 100% pure copper.



6-50R Receptacle to 5-20P Plug Pigtail Adapter Cable for Welder ot EV Charging

SKU: UL-520-650-125V
$45.95 Regular Price
$35.95Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Gauge: 12 AWG
    • Type: AC/AC Adapter
    • Connector B: 6-50R
    • Connector A: 5-20P
    • Features: Round Cable
    • Cable Length: 1 ft
    • Output Voltage: 125V

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