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We stock a large variety of Plugs and Receptacles. Both Straight Blade and Twist Lock. 

250 Volt Power Adapters

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Plugs & Receptacles

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​125 Volt Power Adapters

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Clothes Dryer Adapters

Whether you need to extend your dryer cord or if you need to adapter from a 3 prong to 4 prong solution we have you covered 

Portable Generator Cables

We have cables for your portable generator to RV, Transfer switch, and more

​Park Power RV Adapters

Check out our range of adapters for use when you are on the road, or at RV Parks.

Welder Adapters

We can provide you with solutions to match any welder you could imagine, Browse welders carried at your favorite hardware, tool and home improvement stores. You can also download user manuals for most welders currently on the market.

Marine and Shore Power

Set sale on the seven seas or dock in your favorite harbor or marina we have quality water proof and safe adapters for any type plug or receptacle that you are likely to encounter while travel coastlines and beaches.

Emergency Power Adapters​

We carry these emergency adapters because weather strikes regardless if we are prepared or not. If you do not have a traditional transfer switch and you loose power for days you need a away to keep your family safe, This can be perfectly safe when used with an interlock kit and by following proper safety procedures.

Boondocking Adapters

Stay powered up when boondocking or "moochdocking". or Charge your RV batteries at home between trips or just before hitting the road.

Food Truck Adapters

The recent food truck craze seems only seems to be gaining in popularity. So whether you own a Taco Trailer, Popcorn Cart, Burger Bus, Waffle Wagon or Veggie Van we can help you get to cooking for those hunger customers.

EV Adapters

We have a large selection of adapters for your portable EV Charger if you need to plug your 6-20 Plug into a 14-30 Outlet. Your 14-50 Plug into a 10-50 outlet we have you covered.

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